Capture your experiences

with riftcam, the wearable Ultra HD action camera designed for VR

Relive your most precious memories

capture with riftcam, relive with a VR headset, share with your friends

Teleport your mind to the skies

and remote places, with live-streaming from riftcam to your VR headset


The camera that changes everything!

Riftcam captures what your eyes see - your entire field of view with natural depth. Paired with a VR headset like Google Cardboard you can re-experience memories! Share your moments with others, live as they happen or later on, not as a simple video, but as true first person experiences.


your experiences by wearing the riftcam


with a VR headset like Google Carboard


from drones and remote places directly to your VR headset


with your family, friends and co-workers. In 2D, 3D or VR


Re-experience favourite moments, teleport your mind

Imagine all it's uses. Here are just a few:

Valuable memories

People, times and places. An investment. Capture it now so you and your children can experience it later

Extraordinary experiences

Events, stunts, sports. Let people experience being you and what you do

Go crazy with live-streaming

Drones, avatars, out of body experiences, DIY projects. Imagination is the limit

Remote assistance

Let the expert see with on premise eyes and guide through the process

Remote inspection

Inspect property, construction and systems from far away


Experience being the master. Boost memory with immersion. Prepare for the real situation by making the first time feel as the second

Mount it

It's your next action camera, designed for VR

We designed riftcam to be small, usable and wearable, with the quality and definition your experiences deserve.

It's compatible with a wide range of mounts, perfect for both traditional video and VR.

180 vs 360

Riftcam & 180° 3D benefits

Natural depth / 3D for added immersion and realism

Practically impossible to do right with 360° video.

Small, portable and wearable - easy to use

No complex rigs or manual postprocessing, always ready to be used

Wear it close to your eyes for added realism

Important when interacting with people and objects. You want people to look at your eyes

All of the 4K resolution for the important stuff in front of you

4K is just about enough for 1080p/1440p VR headsets because of their limited FOV. The action in front of you deserve all of it.

Stich-free images for added immersion and realism

360° video suffers from it, unless it's landscape or similar scenes

No need to worry about things behind the camera

And don't waste resolution on the camera man.

No distracting synchronization issues

It's a single unit with exact synchronized images for each eye


Enjoy re-experiencing on the couch, recliner or bed, no need to constantly spin around

Designed to be used

With features you will love

Designed for VR

Proper lens separation
Hemisphere 3d FOV
Spatial audio
Mountable close to your eyes

Your experiences are captured as natural and realistic as possible

High Quality

4K/Ultra HD @ 30 and 45 fps
Individually calibrated
Stabilized and improved
with post processing

Your experiences are captured in the quality they deserve


It's small and lightweight
Wear it on your forehead
On skiing goggles
Vertical angle adjustment

Comfortable to wear anywhere

Live streaming

Flying with drones
Live blog from events
Out of body experiences
Selfie stick fun
Rent an avatar

Have crazy fun, imagination is the limit

Flexible battery

3x typical capacity with cheap 18650 cell
At the back of your head (3400mah)
Or in your pocket (10200mah)
Separate or integrated with mount

Battery placement and capacity by situation

Mount anywhere

Snap on and connect power
Compatible with popular mounts
On your helmet or your bike
As a dashcam or a webcam

It replaces your action camera

Easy to use

Single click for common operations
Auto transfer/backup/share (optional)
Organize/edit with apps or browser

Anyone can use it


USB+WiFi stream/remote for DIY projects
View 2d version on any device
Apps for tv, pads, smartphones

Multiple modes

Live stream


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This is a premium camera, expect USD 599, 2017 release, limited first batch

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